Aside from a wide range of French cheeses that we sell, we also have our own products; hand crafted and aged cheeses made with cow’s milk from the Vercors Plateaux farms.

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DSCN1281The Ripioupiou is a soft curd cheese, aged for at least one month. During the aging process, it is washed twice in a brine of water, white wine and salt. It can be compared to a Reblechon or a Saint Nectaire therefore one can savor it simply on bread, in a Tartiflette, or in any other culinary creations.

Le PioupiouA smaller version of the Ripioupiou sold individually …… with or without walnuts.

L'AutranaiseSemi cooked cow’s milk cheese aged between 2 to 6 months. The rind is washed with a brine of water, wine and salt for the first two weeks of the ageing process. The texture is tender and the taste melts in your mouth.

Les Mini AutranaisesA small version of the Autranaise wheel, sold individually (about 400 grams of cheese) wonderful for appetizers, picnics or on a cheese platter. We make different flavors: garlic and herbs, pepper, chili pepper, Italian spices, cumin, onion and plain.

Le Carré du VercorsNamed after its shape

For those who like strong cheese we propose a soft ripened, red rind washed cheese. This cheese is washed in brine for over 2 months. It has been compared to such strong tasting cheeses as Munster, Maroilles, Livarot…

La Raclette du VercorsSemi cooked cow’s milk cheese, great for those cold winter Raclette evenings.

La Raclette du Vercors - épicéFor the curious and gourmet cheese lovers try these flavored raclette cheeses: garlic and herbs, pepper, chili pepper, italian spices, cumin, and onion.

We occasionally propose Raclette cheese with mushrooms or mushroom truffles

les marcellins nature et parfumesThese small cheeses are sold plain, fresh, creamy, dried or covered in spices; they will surprise and wake up your taste buds. They can be eaten toasted, cooked in dishes, fresh and covered in spices. There are so many different ways to eat these; all you need is an imagination to appreciate these cheeses. Once the cheese is ready to be sold we can roll it in different spices such as: garlic and herbs, pepper, chili peppers, shallots, Italian spices, paprika, the list is endless.

la-tomme-2This pressed curd cheese, with a grey rind, is aged on spruce tree boards. It can be eaten at different stages of aging, it really depends on the client. When it is young the taste is light and gets stronger as it ages.

...The Vercors Tommette

A small version of the Vercors Tomme, sold individually, about 400 grams.

La Tomme de PaysThis wheel weighs about 10kgs at the start but after at least 8 months of aging, will weigh only 5.  Aged on spruce tree boards, rubbed and turned by hand twice a week for the first two months and then only once a week towards the end of the aging process at which point our little cheese mites appear to help the aging process. This cheese is rather dry in texture and will amaze all cheese connoisseurs.

La Tomme de GèveOur little newbie, full of flavor and very creamy in texture, you will fall in love with its softly fruity flavor.

Séchons de vacheSmall dried cow’s milk cheeses

Fresh cheese curd. This wonderful fresh product can be accompanied with a coulis (fruit sauce) or cream or both for dessert! It can also be mixed with garlic and herbs, salt and pepper to make dips for veggies, chips or bread.

First the milk is boiled, then fermentated, and cooked for 2 hours and presto! Delicious creamy yogurt. They are excellent plain but we also have flavored ones; fruits, caramel, vanilla, honey…