visite-de-la-fabrication-01The cheese makers day begins with the sun rise in our small mountain village, the freshest milk is poured into the tanks, where the lactic ferments and rennet do their work, and after only a few hours, the curd begins to appear. This when the tours begin;, come and learn about the secrets of the cheese making and cheese aging processes.

Cheese tour and tasting 3.50€ per person

visite-de-la-fabrication-02Guided tours can be reserved all year round but must be reserved. The tour lasts about 1 hour. During the high season we propose visits several times a week, you can call or email to reserve. We also welcome school and bus visits all year round. The minimum for the visit is 10 persons. Visits are possible in English.

visite-de-la-fabrication-03Even if you don’t have the time for a tour, you can still stop by and taste our cheeses. After a hard day of skiing, hiking or bike riding, a little cheese tasting will do you some good. Please make sure to call us or email to reserve in order for us to offer our best services.